• ...should adorn a black mask and start burning every speed camera in the UK

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  • ...should have been cycling in the first place

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  • ...should object as "just" 9mph over the limit is not scientifically reliable

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  • ...is a whinger, rightly caught and should just pay the f****r

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  • ...should blame the thought of being in Dudley as the reason for driving fast to escape

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  • ...should claim temporary blackout

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  • ...should do a runner and escape to Brazil like Ronnie

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Guilty as charged...


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User1314 said:
Just received a "Notice of intended prosecution" for speeding on:

Sunday 13 June, along the Wolverhampton Road towards Sedgley.

I was doing 39 (allegedly) in a 30 zone.

What you reckon?
On a bike?


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Speeding, to me, is like a dangerous parking ticket. Really there are no excuses - you either were or weren't.

The only difference is if your car loses control when its parked its still sat in the same place on the double yellows. If you lose control or can't stop in time because you're travelling too fast you might kill a kid.

'Nuff said, I think.


Take a look at some of the road safety videos out there links to a couple in a thread I started last night.

Watch this its a road safety campaign film with the message "the faster the speed the bigger the mess!" if it does not make you feel sick and see that speeding (even 9 mph faster than the limit) can cause much more damage, you have no soul!

Pay your fine and be glad thats all you have to deal with.

Smokin Joe

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User1314 said:
OK. It was a misjudgement to post. I agree.

I'll ask mods to delete.
Don't back down now.

Nip over to Campaign and offer fifty quid to anyone who'll take the points for you as you're already on nine for knocking down a cyclist. Should generate a good 100 pages of entertainment.
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