Stainless Steel Equilibrium...update!


What a perfect fit and a perfect ride this bike is proving to be. I have had the opportunity to take it out and really explore the rolling south glos counrtryside.....I had a real dilemma at the beginning size wise and after ordering the 50cm...realizing this was a mistake and changing to a 52cm (thank you LBS) I actually feel the bike has been made to measure. The only alteration I have had to make is add a 60mm stem but this has in no way affected the ride quality. I have been so impressed with the 105fsa....gear changing has never been so smooth and of equal note is the tetkro R539 long drop caliper exceptional stopping power. It is an interesting time in bike tech and disc brakes are trying to make an entrance into the road scene. I for one am a traditionalist and see no need for ugly disc brakes to take away from the seemless and beautiful lines of the stainless steel equilibrium. I say that having riden and tested the tetkro r539's and I certainly do not feel the need for any greater stopping power as these are awesome. I can certainly see why disc brakes are vital on mountain and cross country sportives as instant dicisions and 100ths of a second stopping power is prob needed but on my road bike I love the look and feel of these tektros.....but as I said I am a traditionalist:angry: Of equal note has to be the comfort element on this bike and therefore I was prepared to invest in a somewhat special frame...which this most certainly is. It's like riding in an armchair (yes it's that comfy) and I will be using on my first sportive in July bathbike 80 (a rolling hilly 80 miler) The only thing I might alter between now and then is the saddle I feel I could def add a little upgrade by replacing the supplied genesis road saddle with something from the fizik range..but I'll leave that for a few weeks.....I'll add another update in a few months but so far very impressed..which is good as this was not a cheap bike^_^

Smokin Joe

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Glad you're happy with the bike, but as for the Tektro brakes that came with my bike and they were slightly less effecting than putting my feet on the floor.
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