Stiff pedals

I've just bought a new set of pedals, not the most expensive I have to say, and they seem pretty stiff. Is this a normal state of affairs?

If not I'm assuming that taking them apart and repacking with grease would be the way to go.

Is there anything I need to know before I pull the spindle out? I'm guessing I need a 15mm socket to start with...


New pedals tend to be made with too much preload in the bearings. Ive not bothered to to adjust and the torque of pedaling easily over power the stiffness
I had one pair like that, I thought they would ease of with use, but they just got stiffer and stiffer. I eventually had to service them, over a year ago and still running smooth since. Just be careful when you disassemble them that you don't loose the balls, they are tiny buggers.
I wondered about that. These seem to have two bolts holding them together, a 12mm and a 15mm either side of a collar. How would I get the collar out?


I'll take them to work today and attack them with the rather better quality tools we have there. Will report back on success or lack thereof.
The bearing screw is a 15mm nut. Unfortunately the pedals are made so a 15mm socket won't fit.

This probably means we're using cheapo pedals, but there we go.

Anyway, I got the 15mm screw out with a pair of pliers, and they rum more feeely now. There isn't so much grease in there though, so now I know I can take the beasties to bits, I'll take them back to our apartment for complete dismantling and regreasing.
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