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Discussion in 'Training, Fitness and Health' started by Bigtallfatbloke, 15 Feb 2008.

  1. Bigtallfatbloke

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    Some of you may know that i have lost a lot of blubber since starting to ride in may last year...I was 21 stone then...I have just stepped off the scales at 15s took me a while to drop below the 16 mark but today i did's abig milestone in my mind:smile:
  2. ChrisKH

    ChrisKH Veteran

    Well done BTFB!
  3. PrettyboyTim

    PrettyboyTim New Member

    That's very impressive! Well done, BTFB!
  4. Tynan

    Tynan Veteran


    good man

    being fat is silly when you look back on it isn't it?
  5. OP

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    You are correct sir it is silly and I am amazed that I have achieved this and what's more done it doing something I really enjoy:smile:.

    Being fat is a downward spiral of self defeating hopelessness, the physical risks to health are well known but the mental damage is just as dangerous imho. depressive illness is no fun.

    There are thousands of excuses (and I have used them all) but there comes a moment when killing yourself loses its appeal and something clicks inside...what is needed at that point is a catalyst to get one off ones arse and change how one is my case it has been cycling. If that catalyst isnt there then it is oh so easy to just roll over and convince yourself you arnt actually that fat and reach for the dairy milk.

    Self image is important...but not as many think. The popular conception of a fatties self image is my case it was the opposite...I actually believed I wasnt fat...and as such nothing changed....when I realised I was actually seriously fat my inner self image and self esteem dropped through the floor....BUT it was this change that made me fight it instead of run from it.

    being able to ride a bike is something i never thought I would be able to do again..I am just so pleased I am losing weight...although I still consider myself fat and overweight, which I am, so i will keep losing weight until i reach my optimum BMI and then i will try to keep it that way...

    ...all these fat peeps and the multi million £ diet industry that feeds off them...amazing ...when the answer to the problem is sitting gathering dust in their sheds in need of a simple service and lube up!

    Wow listen to me harking on...12 months ago I couldnt walk to the end of the road:blush:
  6. Blue

    Blue Legendary Member

    Way to go SIR, well done :evil:
  7. ash68

    ash68 New Member

    yeh, top man BTFB.Think cyclings like most things in life, If you put in the effort you get the rewards. Well Done.:evil:
  8. Panter

    Panter Just call me Chris...

    Fantastic result, thats some srious weight loss, and more importantly, health gained :evil:

    Inspiring stuff :tongue:
  9. stevenb

    stevenb New Member

    South Beds.
    Nice one BTFB. :evil:
    Now your motivated even more you'll not stop.
    Congrats indeed.
  10. trio25

    trio25 Über Member

    That's so inspiring.
  11. Steve Austin

    Steve Austin The Marmalade Kid

    Now if we could do something about that horrible Blue habit of yours. If you could switch to The Arsenal, everything would be rosy
  12. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    Five stone in eight months is seriously good going. Well done that man, guts and determination in spades.
  13. OP

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    ..I'd rather get fat again;):ohmy:
  14. Blue

    Blue Legendary Member

    Well said SIR :ohmy:
  15. col

    col Veteran

    Well done BTFB,your showing the way,great achievement:biggrin:
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