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I'm not using my old bike anymore, its just going to be used by my family when we go somewhere or away in the caravan. Its kept down in the shed and i dont want it to rust. I thought about taking it off and putting it in the house and just putting it on when its needed. Its got a powerlink so its easy to remove. Or should i just put loads of oil on it and leave it?

Just lube the chain but dont wipe off and get some good spray lube and spray all the joints on the mecs and in side the outters on your cables. The rest will be fine. If you can hang the bike up if you cant turn it upside down


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Remove the seatpost, grease the internal bit and put it back as was. Why? because the XXXX things can seize up, especially if different metals for frame/post.

(Unless one or other is carbon stuff..)


left mine at the end of the garden for four years in the open air

sprayed Wd40 over the bare metal, came up fine when next called upon
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