Strange Foot Problem

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Co Down, Ireland
Freak Alert.

I have had an awful time with trying to move to clipless pedals and recently wrecked my knee whilst trying to use them again.

Finally decided to avail of myself of works free Physio. Turns out that one hip was lower than the other so that got shoved back into alignment again however the real eye opener was the revelation that I can't control my left foot independently of moving any other part of my leg. Can do it on the right no probs but can't do it at all on the left. If she twists the foot round and round with her hands there is no problem in its movement so there is no flexibility problem in the foot itself.

Explains why I couldn't get twist out the pedals. Basically twisting my leg will only allow my foot to twist so far before the knee locks out and therefore there isn't sufficient range in moving the leg to move the foot far enough to unclip.

My physio seemed to find this very strange and couldn't quite believe what she was seeing. Have got a whole series of exercises to do.

I have got a little bit of movement back into my foot however it really hard work to get my foot to move at all. I get more of sweat trying to do this than I do on the bike. I guess it will take time to get my brain used to taking control of my foot again.

Just felf the need to share my freakish foot prob with you all.

All sorts of foot-related "humour" going through my mind.

Hope you get it sorted.


Sounds like you got off on the wrong foot. You won't have a leg to stand on. Still, you'll be footloose and fancy free at the end of it. Now the boot's on the other foot, how does it feel?

Sorry, couldn't resist.
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