Strange Road Signs

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by DRM, 28 Apr 2018.

  1. DRM

    DRM Über Member

    West Yorks
    Whilst out last week I saw one large red sign at the side of the road near Badsworth, with the wording "Cats eyes removed" I think it's a bit harsh, surely the RSPCA might have something to say about that, also driving out of Sherburn in Elmet the council have put a sign out with the message "Warning Potholes" well that'll help won't it, not. :banghead:
  2. Drago

    Drago Guru

    There are Werewolves Crossing signs in Nortfolk.
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  3. roadrash

    roadrash cycle chatterer

  4. OP

    DRM Über Member

    West Yorks
    That the style of sign, who on earth comes up with such stupidity.
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  5. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    I passed this one a few rides ago:
  6. Drago

    Drago Guru

  7. snorri

    snorri Legendary Member

    On a similar theme to previous post, which has lost the final 'en'.
    For many months there was a directional sign in the Highlands for 'Hill of Fear', it had lost its final 'n'.
  8. BSOh

    BSOh Senior Member

    My favourite was one I saw in Ireland back in the 1990's on a road which simply read "this is the wrong way" :wacko:
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  9. Glow worm

    Glow worm Guru

    Near Newmarket
    And some in Norfolk dialect. Love these.......

  10. winjim

    winjim A youth of interminable age

    Can't see it very well from the Streetview but this warning sign just before the duck pond in Foolow always cheers me up.

  11. Welsh wheels

    Welsh wheels Lycra king

    South Wales
    Describes a lot of beaches in the UK that does...
  12. Welsh wheels

    Welsh wheels Lycra king

    South Wales
    Is that warning you of animals or low bridges?
  13. Welsh wheels

    Welsh wheels Lycra king

    South Wales
    Folk like to race sheep here in Wales

  14. whiskywheels

    whiskywheels Guest

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