Strange Road Signs

All uphill

I didn't recognise you but I knew your bike
Is it referring to the pavement ?
Could be. There is a shared space before this that ends suddenly.

twentysix by twentyfive

Clinging on tightly
Over the Hill
Mrs D and I have spent several holidays in that area and have always liked that sign. We both habitually refer to the place as "Stromeferrynoferry".
I can remember getting on that Ferry before the road was built around the south of Loch Carron. In recent years a landslip on that "new" road meant the Ferry ran especially as the local kids had to get to school. Until the landslip was sorted anyway.


I like the way it is in English. Do the Danes not need telling?
Most people in Denmark (if not all), speaks English, but as a get out clause for not getting a ticket, if you are kissing for more than three minutes you just tell the parking warden that you didn't understand the sign :-)


Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next
Walkers are allowed by default unless specifically forbidden. Horses and carts, cyclists and trains are only allowed where specifically allowed so to speak
Yes, and erection of a blue circle sign without walkers normally denotes their prohibition. See the difference between "cycles only" and "pedal cycle and pedestrian route" in or similar official documents. It doesn't really matter in this case because it's a council silly seaside novelty made-up sign anyway AFAIK. There will be no Traffic Order to make it enforceable. I expect any motorist infringing will be done for driving not on a carriageway (an offence that doesn't need signs) and nothing else will be enforced.
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Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next
Hmm. Perhaps the pavement is an ill designed shared use path that suddenly becomes single (pedestrian) use? I'd certainly ignore it if I was on the road.
While I'm being boring, if the cycleway downgraded to a footway there, it should now be signed "Cyclists Rejoin Carriageway", previously the misleading "End of Route", previously a blue circle bike symbol with "End" rectangle under it. In any case, with no drop kerb, you could ride on to the nearest safe point to rejoin the carriageway!

The "Cyclists Dismount" is advisory wibble probably because the cycleway continues and the safety auditors consider the railing too low but the authority is too tight to bolt on an extension and the auditors are lame enough to OK it with an advice sign. Around here, we have one on entry to a narrow bridge with low walls, but a dismounted rider pushing a bike is too wide to fit without contortions, pushing the bike from behind the back wheel in a Superman-style posture, which is not at all stable! :crazy:
I had a drive over to Snaith yesterday, as the old bridge had been playing in my mind for a while
And I wanted to have a look at it
Once I'd parked near at the railway station, & was walking up into the town I saw this advertising board at the 'Black Lion', on Selby Road



If anyone's interested, there's 6 local buildings of interest, starting from here
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