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How can I create routes and segments and keep them private within a group I set up on Strava? I want to do it so that only Group members can get access to the routes/segment .gpx files, is thta possible and if so how? I had a poke around but couldnt see how to do it. Any help most welcome,
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I don't know if that's possible. I was looking for the same thing and came up blank, its either private for you only or public.


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I wonder if it might only be possible in the premium version. Just a guess. Maybe a trawl through the strava forum /blog might help you out.


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Make it a private route and then make it public while a user wants to down load it . Make it private again .
Its not like youre going to get mobbed by strava users for the route is it ?


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I'm not sure many people even know about the route search facility, or even bother to use it if they do, I've seen routes Strava friends have made and 'borrowed' them myself, but found the route search function itself not that great.

Keeping both route and segments public doesn't seem much of a problem to me? Alternative is to upload the route somewhere else as mentioned like google drive/cloud, etc.

Segements for a group I could see as being useful, but even then there's on an option when looking on the leader board for a certain segment for "My clubs" which excludes everyone else from the leaderboard when selected, then everyone in that group will know how they rank against everyone in that group only.


And fortunately that doesn't need Premium!
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