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Very faded but spotted this on a electricity pole at Riano in the Picos de Europa. In the flesh, so to speak, it was very good.
booze and cake

booze and cake

probably out cycling
Two Pink Panther's in a week.

Some more nature spots, walking through the fish.

Not sure what's going on here, cats in space? :laugh:

A squirrel eating some graf

This is made entirely of used scratchcards.

Crows are sometimes considered bad omens, so I enjoyed the juxtaposition of this artwork and the billboard above.

An alarming statistic.

And a couple of portraits to finish

booze and cake

booze and cake

probably out cycling
Back in April some new graffiti appeared on a bridge in Clapham renaming the area 'Wankerville'. I occasionally cycle through there and managed to capture it.

For non Londoners, this opening line of an article about it on the Londonist summed up its new name. "Poor old Clapham. Forever on the end of gags about coked-up estate agents and puffed-up wellness types endlessly trotting round the common, it's now been unofficially re-branded 'Wankerville'.

It lasted a few weeks, before it was removed, either by the Council, Network Rail, estate agent or enraged local. All has been quiet since, until this week, which has seen another attempt at re-naming the area. I notice this version has a * inserted, maybe in the hope of not actually spelling an obscenity, if 'wankerville' was actually deemed an obscenity, and was the reason for the original's removal. I shall keep an eye on it when I'm passing through over the coming weeks to see how long it lasts this time. The Londonist did another article which states this second attempt was done by the same people that did the original, this one could run and run.^_^.

And on the other side of the bridge...

Muswell Hell is a reference to Muswell Hill, an area in north London with similar 'wanky' credentials.

This week while cycling down Great Eastern Street I thought there was something different about the end mural on the end Connectivity Matters building in Shoreditch. It was by the same artist and the pattern/style seemed the same from my memory of it from the last time I cycled past, but something seemed different about it but I couldn't tell what. I stopped for a quick pic and carried on. At home later I went in search of an original pic of the mural to see what had changed, if anything. And then it all became clear.

This is what it looked like the last time I photographed it.

And this week it looked like this.

They had also painted the raised flower beds round the side of the building to match.


I didn't notice the text on the first pic until 'zooming in' at home on my laptop later, but that explains it. The building has been changed into the rainbow colours used on the flag of the LGBT community, as this weekend is Pride London. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 'Stonewall Riots' in New York, widely regarded as the most important event in the gay liberation movement, and the modern fight for LBGT rights in the USA.

So central London will have looked a lot more colourful this weekend. Ben Eine has also made a colourful contribution to Shoreditch this week with this Love, Love, Love.....

......which immediately made me think of the lyrics of the old Morcheeba song, which goes 'love, love, love, I am a trigger hippy'. I got to the end of the road desperately hoping the remaining lyrics were written on the wall round the corner, but alas they weren't:sad::laugh:.

Just round the corner are some more bright colours with a new work by the always colourful Mr Cenz

And I really like this, by Maikel Walkmann who has featured many times in this thread with his crash test dummies. I especially like as it was just done on a bit of scrap wood in Brick Lane. A drifter, drifting on driftwood.
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Setting the controls for the heart of the sun.
That last picture really appeals to me.
And no, I am not from Clapham or Muswell Hill. ^_^
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booze and cake

booze and cake

probably out cycling
Here's another one of those works made with used scratchcards.

A new Dan Kitchener in Brick Lane

And here's an excellent Incredible Hulk by artist JXC, who always does brilliantly detailed works, including the 'truffle shuffle' from the Goonies and Judge Dredd slaying Mickey Mouse, which can be found in this thread if you search 'JXC'.
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