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There was a big new piece going up near Shoreditch High Street station last week - two chaps on a scaffold marking out the lines. Looked like a beer advert (Coors?) but the early stages looked good.

Love the new Dan Kitchener @booze and cake - his work really floats my boat.
booze and cake

booze and cake

probably out cycling
@Reynard I did see that in progress, but the beer is so terrible I couldn't bring myself to photograph it:laugh:. If its just an advert, it's got to be really good to merit inclusion here^_^. And yes Dan is the man:okay:

It was Freize sculpture fair in Regent's Park this weekend, and I popped along today. So a slight variation on the theme, but for those interested in some 'park art', my weird and wonderful pics from the day can be seen here:

This is also in Shoreditch, and did catch my attention.


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Friend of mine in Australia posted this on FB recently. Not her work, I must point out!
booze and cake

booze and cake

probably out cycling
This has appeared recently in Brixton.
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It appears to have been done in response to Lambeth's Council's weak response at tackling pollution and climate change.

Dorrell Place is located just off Brixton Road, one of the most polluted streets in the UK. It has often broken the recommended yearly levels for toxic air within the first week of the year.
The Council has been criticised for lack of action and even for failing to collect the necessary data. The air monitor there was out of action for over 6 months and the Council has not exactly been in a hurry to get it up and running again.
I did see some green shoots of life surviving our toxic air, turns out they were drawn not planted. These were done by Andrea Tyrimos who you may remember did the floral painted phone box, and the junction box leopard and meerkats from earlier in this thread.
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And nearby.....
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And down near the riverside, near London Bridge is a new Jimmy C.
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And this was obviously done 2 days ago, as the 18th July was Nelson Mandela's birthday.
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booze and cake

booze and cake

probably out cycling
Following on from the report I made on page 82, the battle to re-brand and un-brand Clapham as 'wankerville' continues:laugh:. As reported back then the latest attempt contained an '*' in the slogan 'welcome to w*ankerville', perhaps in the hope that the slogan was not a swear word, and may not be painted over so promptly. Well the last attempt lasted a week, but despite the '*' the re-brand is not proving popular for some^_^.

I shall see how the re-branding attempts go over the coming weeks. This reminds me of the excellent year long battle graffiti writer Mobstr had with a local clean up team in Hackney Wick back in 2015, this is excellent^_^.
Some stuff is seemingly deemed worthy of urgent attention. I think this following one would have lasted longer, had Boris the mop haired lying buffoon not taken the wheel of the Titanic recently. This appeared on the M4 near Bristol recently, but was promptly erased, but is worthy or recording here for all eternity^_^

And I was only passing through Bristol on the way to Pembroke, but still managed to bag a couple of new Bristol pieces as we drove through. This one celebrates the diversity and friendship of the East Bristol community, its based on 'the last supper'.

And some cool drummers.
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