Stupid names for everyday things


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So what other examples of daft names for every day things can you think of?
Feds for police, what's that all about?
Look at any civil servant job roles.
You'll find hundreds of examples.
A mate of mine used to be a civil servant in the Welsh office and he reported the opposite. There was a job (not my mate's) of Assistant Engineer who, naturally enough, reported to the Engineer. The Engineer reported directly to the Secretary of State for Wales. Assistant Engineer was a very very senior position

I still aspire to be a (or the) Comptroller though - that's a great job title. This was a senior role in the patent office.


Look at any civil servant job roles.
You'll find hundreds of examples.
It's not just the Civil Service - and yes, there were some absolutely bizarre titles when I was there, I'll admit - but I've seen many equally, if not more odd in the private sector as well.

I can't remember exactly the one I got in an e-mail signature the other day, but it was "(some combination of words) Support Specialist". Now when I started working, to be a "specialist" in something required you to have a lot of experience, possibly even a specific qualification. Whereas this e-mail had come from someone who was basically doing an entry-level job that was little more than filing and making the tea.

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