Suggestions for a 1 week camping tour ?


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Hi all,

I've got a weeks leave (maybe able to stretch to 2) coming up in a month, over the last 6 months I've started riding and bought myself panniers e.t.c. My longest rides have been 60 miles but only a couple of them (and they were pretty flat, i don't like hills!)

Has anyone got suggestions for a weeks tour, somewhere with nice scenery / low traffic and plenty of camping options ? I live in Bath.




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From Bath, how about follow the Severn valley north to Shropshire and then head back south again close to the Welsh border, picking up the Wye back to the Severn Bridge? Lots of quiet roads (as long you avoid trunk routes like the A49) and plenty of hills for scenery that you can generally ride alongside/between rather than up and over. And good spread of campsites, too.

Or, closer to home, head for the Somerset Levels and make your way down to Exeter via the flatter route into Devon.


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What mcr said the NCN route along the Severn is a pretty good starting point - or how about the Somerset Levels combined with Vale of Pewsey and the Kennet and Avon Canal?

Oh and I don't think anyone particularly likes hills (although when you're climbing you do at least have time to look around, admire the scenery, listen to the birds singing in the trees etc) but the view from the top and the ride down the other side usually justifies the effort.


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thanks for the suggestions guys, will do a root around on gpsies site to see what the route looks like
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