Summer Evening Jacket ?


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HI all,
Just wondering what any of you recommend Jacket wise for carrying in a pocket with you on summer nights, when the temp drops, & which also gives some degree of water-proofing too ?

I've got a Sportful Fiandre No-Rain jacket, which is super comfy to wear, and 'shower- resistant' etc, but not that 'warm' per se. It is easy to carry in a pocket mind you.....

Lots of very expensive super looking stuff, Gore Shakedry, Castelli (+shakedry) etc etc, but I dont imagine they are that insulating, just merely very waterproof ?

Any suggestions ?
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I've got pretty much the same - an Endura jacket that keeps the wind or rain off, but its not insulated so does not provide any warmth - this I have to get from working harder !


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Being cold is the last thing I worry about when putting on a lightweight waterproof jacket. I am usually trying to get rid of the heat. If your current jacket is not warm enough think about adding a thermal gillet underneath rather than a thicker jacket.


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I carry a thin nylon gilet for the last couple of miles home after the pub stop. Also arm warmers if I've gone out in short sleeves.
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