Sunday London Ride: The tenth anniversary edition. 12th January 2020


Bexley, Kent
The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that January 2020 will be the tenth anniversary of the Sunday London Ride (and a CycleChat thread running to over 500 pages). It would be rude not to celebrate the occasion, so I'm proposing a ride on 12th January. Not a themed ride, but a gold old fashioned random pootle around the streets of our great city in whatever direction the wind blows us. Conversational pace. We might see a stadium, might take a ferry ride, might visit General Wolfe. But whichever direction we go, we'll end up at a cafe where we can reminisce and take refreshments. The only fly in the ointment might be the weather. If there's snow on the ground, there'll be no ride.

I've trawled through the various pages of Sunday London Rides over the past year or so and am calling out those who have participated in one way or another. Be great to see you.

@Nick Saddlesore
@Gordon P
@Mark Grant
@Blue Hills
@Salty seadog
@Mr Orange

I'm sure there are people I've missed off the list, including those no longer of this parish. Sorry, but it was a lot of pages to go through.


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Weather permitting, I'll try :okay:


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I have to check as I'm trying to swap dates for my CTC ride and 12/01/2020 is a potential date I may move my ride to. But otherwise if I'm free I will be there :smile:

Salty seadog

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Hey dude. I really need to get to riding again.
After a change of job I don't enjoy super cheap rail travel anymore and as I'm now in a Monday to Friday job for the first time ever my cycling has gone from over 3000 miles last year to under 300 this year.

I'm also over 2 stone heavier so I'll introduce myself to you if you don't recognise me....:whistle:.

I'll keep an eye on the thread.

Salty seadog

Space Cadet...(3rd Class...)
Weather permitting, I'll try :okay:
Subject to weather.
Oh, I'm sure there'll be weather...

Pencil me in for this one, please.
In the diary!
Will try if around - as you may know, bah humbug! I have a certain aversion to to totally freeform rides handed over to the miracle of the ether, but may make an exception for your good self.

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