sunny day and 55 miles on the TPT

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just thought i'd let all of you fine people (and even those of you who aren't so fine) know that i had a really great ride today.

Set off from home (Rotherham) and travelled along the transpennine trail to Selby (43 miles). Then jumped on the (just arriving) train to travel back to Doncaster with a further 12 mile ride home to finish. Lovely sunny day and good company. Bliss!!

Anybody else had a decent ride today in the sunshine?


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Yes thanks, it wasn't tour or expedition related, but my first tour was along the TPT and the weather was just like this :biggrin: Then it went tits up.:rolleyes:

Glad you had a good trip, I did a loop alongside the TPT (Longendale) and went up the Snake to check out the resurfacing work. (It's good, very good now).:blush:

The TPT really is a fantastic (stuck for words here - effort, stretch, achievement, place) and I use it every day.


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Had a blissful day too. Cycled over to Dewsbury to meet a friend who has just bought her first bike (my first convert) and we hit the Spen Valley Greenway, this fantastic old railway line which has been tarmacked. Absolutely beautiful. We then diverted elsewhere and had lunch in Asda before I cycled back.

Glorious weather, time with a mate and 43 miles on my new bike!!! Can't ask for a nicer day!!!
yup... getting my confidence back and riding harder. rode around richmond park, being battered by the wind. stopped to look at the view a couple of times and again for an espresso... just enjoyed riding. also managed to sprint away from a young whippet-type on an uphill section, which cheered me up.

slowly getting up the distances and the desire to really ride... the bike has been wonderful and today it was just flying.

the only downside... noticed on friday that the rear tyre was rotting and a chunk had come off (i could feel it wasn't right as i was riding). need new tyres now as the one i swapped it for today was also going. i dunno... over 5 years old and going off! stupidly, i didn't buy any yesterday even though i was at the london tri (not competing) and some of the stands had some good bargains on tyres.

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