Surnames you wish you had


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Nothing unusual there I hear you say and it isn't a name I would wish for.

When my son was about 15 he answered the phone listened and then handed me the receiver with look of disgusted puzzlement on his face and said:

''There's a Mr Jizzm for you''

And I did work for a Mrs Tit once. I wasn't sure how to pronounce it but she put me at my ease in a deep broad Yorkshire accent:

''It's TIT luv but ah'm used to it.''
Wasn't there a cleric from south-east Asia called Cardinal Sin?
Yep, the Archbishop of Manila in the Philippines. If you are French, Cardinal Sin is even worse as his name was Jaime Sin.

There was also the Korean Foreign Minister, Lee Bum Suk and not forgetting the Yugoslavian Army Chief of Staff, General Panic.


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I know of someone who's surname was Sohl (pronounced soul), first name started with an R. She was regularly mortified by people calling her name out in dentists and doctors "Ms R.Sohl please" :blush:


A mate of mine was in regular correspondence, for his job on the council, with Mrs. Heidi Marie Martha Bertha Carr-Barker. And she always used her full name.
Long hours in the law library were always cheered up whenever I came across cases involving the Honourable Sir James Harcourt-Roualeyn Hovell-Thurlow Cumming-Bruce.
On a more ordinary level, I know my holiday has started when I see my first Norbert Dentressangle wagon. Which I hope will be soon after mid-day tomorrow!
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