Sustrans cycle route Prestatyn to Llandudno (another question)


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I recently asked for (and got) some good advice/information re traffic free cycling o this route.
However.........when I look at the offical Sustrans map (link below) it shows most of that route as being the North Wales Express Way.
So 3 questions.............
1) Does the traffice free path sit between the Express way and the sea ?
2) Is it not part of the Sustrans path ?
3) If it is.......any idea why its not on the official map

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You need to zoom in a bit Dave, It's not actually on the Expressway :eek: but follows the contour of the coastline for the most part. There are some odd sections which go through caravan parks and down the Promenade in Rhyl but for the bulk of it there's dedicated paths. These can get very crowded in the holiday season with people in 'holiday' mode so there brains aren't switched on so you need to have your wits about you. It's a good set-up though and worth riding.


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The route follows the coast alongside (ish) what was called 'the old coast road' from leaving the Dee path at around Shotton up towards Bagilt, it then heads inland climbing into the Berwyns on minor roads, it drops out of Berwyns at Gronant (near Talacre) and then briefly on minor roads through to golfcourse then prom, and odd stretch of prom road, here and there. Incidentally it's only at Pensarn that the Expressway comes anywhere near the coast and the path. From this point all three routes are reasonably close together being between the water and the railway line/cliffs/towns/whatever, but the path never uses the Expressway.
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