Tacx brake shoe tuner

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Yes - it's OK but only really works with Vee brake type pads (i.e. not calipers on a road bike)

I have made a couple of shims out of plastic for setting the road bike blocks - works, and cost nothing!



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re-opening an old thread here as I'm considering getting one of these Tacx Brake Shoe Tuners.


looking at it... I can't see why it's only of use on V-brakes as Robgul states.

Can anybody offer any further info?
I'm intrigued! Please tell me more
I just use a piece of card that I fold over the rim and then place against the rim so the brake blocks press against it, (so it gives a tolerance between pad and rim when cable is tightened and card is removed), and I use a cable tie fastened but with a loop left at the end and slip it over the back edge of the pad/block to create some toe-in, (as rear of pad/block won't be able to sit flush with rim due to the cable tie).

Hope that makes sense, works for me :thumbsup:
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