Talk about wasting water!

A couple of days ago, the family that rent the house next door to us put a massive round pool up in the garden, about 3m across and 1.5m deep and filled it. They then spent about half an hour playing in it.
We assumed they'd put a cover on it and use it through the summer but the next day they emptied it, via a hose straight down the drain!
I reckon it was around 7000 litres (wasn't filled to top) of water for 30 minutes of splashing about, then that evening he was out watering the garden with a hose!

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Plenty of (free) water here: do you want some? ^_^


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Blimey, and I worry about changing the hot tub water once every 3-4 months and that's 1000 litres. The charge is around £7 for 1000 litres.

Bet they didn't realise that's cost them best part of £50 if on a meter.

Takes me best part of a day to empty and fill my hot tub. Emptying is quite slow
Dave Davenport
Pedant hat on.... Is it not "only" 2650 litres? (and that's it filled to the brim).
Volume of a cylinder is radius squared x Pi x height.......
It has been a while since O level maths, so I stand to be corrected!
R squared = 1.5x1.5=2.25
x1.0 deep = 7.065 cubic metres = 7,065 litres
(I think!)


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Cant beat a paddling pool for kids pleasure. We have videos aplenty of many happy hours spent in our garden on sunny weekends with us, our son and partner and especially our 5 and 3 year old grandchildren, plus occasionally three other grandkids. the pleasure for them is immeasurable.
One reason why I'd never have a meter. That said, we make it last at least the weekend and often a few days more, and even then, it's probably filled 4 times a year. I even empty a hot water tank Into it so they dont get cold.
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