Tan/Gum Wall Tubeless 25/28mm Tyre Options


I am looking to replace my tyres with a tubeless setup in the near future. Ideally I would like to go tubeless and with a tan wall to complement my stealth black TCR. However it seems that the options available are severely limited. I read that manufacturers find it difficult to make tan wall TL tyres airtight, hence the lack of options.

So far I can only really see Schwalbe's Pro One TT TLE tyres as a potential option. But from what I have read, they are more geared to race day's, being lightweight with very little puncture protection, as opposed to everyday riding. I'm looking ideally for something like the GP5000TL or the standard Schwalbe Pro One's but with a tan wall.

Am I to accept that right now I need to go with a standard tyre wall or go clincher? Or is there something coming out in the near future that will meet my requirements?


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I saw those and got quite a bit excited. However, I read this on bikerollingresistance.com

At all air pressures, rolling resistance is close to 50% higher when compared to the Pro One TLE. Real measured weight is 40+ grams more. Puncture resistance is the same for both tires. The only benefit the One TLE has over the Pro One TLE is a slightly thicker tread and sidewalls.

If you can find these at a good price they might be good as a tubeless training tire. Personally, I'll pay the extra to save 10 to 20 watts of rolling resistance, even when just training.
It's probably a negligible difference, and certainly something I wouldn't notice for the riding I do, but I know in my head I'll be slower because of the tyres :/

What they need to do is release the Pro Ones with a tan wall they I'll be a happy boy.
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