tandems on trains


Has anyone been able to transport their Tandem by train?
We were refused by Scotrail even though we had reserved 2 bike spaces.
A very unhelpful conductor wouldnt even let us try to get it on board.
Has anyone had similar problems ?


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That's a bugger, but you'd need to look at Scotrail's conditions of travel. I've seen tandems explicitly excluded from travel for some operators (X-Country from memory, but I could be wrong). However, I've taken my tandem on a few South West Trains. SWT are first-come first-served for bikes with specific exclusions into London at peak times. Otherwise it's largely up to the guards' discretion and they're nearly always pretty pragmatic.


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I've taken two on a single train. An aggressive drunk shouted at us and accused us of being Tories but that was the only hassle we got. We were taking them home from Southend I believe.
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