Taylor Wheels - Excellent Customer Service

Bought a 24" wheelset from them on recommendation from @DCBassman for the bike build I'm working on. Initially I had to wait a bit, as what I wanted was out of stock, but they e-mailed me when they had them in again.

The wheels were sent out (bang on for the money compared to what's available here) and arrived really pronto, but alas with the wrong front QR skewer. A polite e-mail to their customer service dept sorted that out really quickly and with no huhu. I now have the correct front skewer, plus I get to keep the one that they sent out in error.

I'd really recommend these guys now as well. :okay:

P.S. Their automated e-mails and the website of the courier they use are in German, but that's not a problem for me. :blush:


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I've bought 3 wheels from them and every time they arrived within the time stated.

I'd use them again as the prices are very attractive and the quality good.
Yes - I have used them and recommended them - following recommendations from other folk in another place.
There was a slight screw-up/glitch with the processing of my order which made it look as if the money had been taken but no order placed.
They sorted it out/reassured me that all was well with a very quick email response.
Delivery was fast - faster than some UK outfits for stuff less demanding than wheels.
Wheels good - quality components/well built - came with good quality rim tape.
Prices good though of course they used to be better/verging on spectacular before the pound went south.
Would unreservedly recommend them.


The price on what I wanted was still cheaper (including P&P) than buying from the UK, though admittedly there's generally not a great deal of choice when it comes to 24" wheels. Plus if I bought here, I'd still be looking at nutted axles as opposed to QR, as well as more basic rims.
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