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-6 ave gradient for over 2.7 miles,
just as well..
I may return to try the 2.7 mile ascent at some point....
once it cools down...
can't complain..
just wait until restrictions get loosened, it'll pour for a month :laugh:
There's talk of keeping them in place until the end of 2022. Two warm, dry summers on the cards.

However will you manage?


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Alas no: no coffee machine either so I'm not being discriminated against.

I'd not get much chance to drink it either: I'm on the shop floor a lot of the time and we have to be strict on liquids with the clients, so we're not able to carry them ourselves (setting an example et, c.)
You have someone to carry your cup for you! That's one privilege not to be missed.


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N Ireland
Northwards to cooler climates!

The midges 'll have a feast over the warmer spell. Could you cope with them.
Reminds me of a camping and climbing holiday in the Cairngorms about 25 years ago. Getting a midge count with the weather forecasts and the precautions you had to take - like setting up camp the having to wear face nets on the way to the pub.


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Sailing down the Forth
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I'm the one with the beard:ohmy:
Up front and not actually rowing
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