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Late again:blush:
Been oop hill t'day..
now recovering:laugh:
And tha came back down again!

Rehydration underway?


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Day 181
Weather turning, wind picking up. There is only the odd noise every now and then. Nature is quiet again.

Will the day pick up, allowing something to happen. We'll wait...

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Good morning:hello:

Found Mr C's latest venture
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Wonder if like Yorkshire's finest (see petrol station in the background) if you get change^_^
and yep, my finger got in the way:ohmy:

Enjoy your day..
I'm off to find stones:laugh:
It is!

That'd be a fail straight away, mask isn't covering the nose. Got to try something, all these folk wanting to drive somewhere.
It is your finger, not somebody else's.

Shouldn't be a problem finding stones, they're everywhere. How big do you need them, and short or long term lease.

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