Teacher loses it

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Saw this story today. Not nice. But when I was training to be a teacher I used to have nightmares, the actual waking up in a cold sweat kind, about doing exactly what he did. Being pushed and pushed until something snaps. And when you work with kids, you can never, ever, let that happen. Part of me can't help but feel sorry for him, the rest of me is glad that he's out of teaching for the kids sake and his own.


how can the behaviour of a young child make anyone "snap"? And you fell "sorry" for him?

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Small children can really wind you up at times although that doesn't excuse the teachers behaviour. It seems that he was caught and stopped before any serious damage was done to the children. Now he knows that some other from of employement is needed for him!!!


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I have no sympathy for the guy at all, I am surprised that he chose the profession in the first place, and also to work with primary age children, who can be more demanding anyway. His excuse that he had no support from the school is very weak, as I get the impression he said this purely because he got caught. He strikes me as being a bully with responsibility which is scary.
Dunno, I've heard enough tales from friends who are teachers to see that kids aren't exactly little angels.

It seems there are frequent cases of kids intimidating teachers into stress-related early retirement or out of teaching.

But goodness knows what went on in this case - it doesn't look like a teacher snapping in a random incident but to be a repeated pattern.

The incident happened after the boy jumped into his teacher's back and put his arm around his neck in a classroom prank.
- what's that about ? What sort of prank involves a kid jumping on a teacher's back, or the teacher having the sort of classroom discipline/control to allow it ?


Noodley said:
how can the behaviour of a young child make anyone "snap"? And you fell "sorry" for him?
Work with children for any length of time and I think you would understand. I bet many parents would too. Please note the way that I qualified my original comments. I don't think he should be in teaching but I can see why it might have happened.

Monty Dog

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Yeah, just shows how undisciplined they are these days - god knows what the parents are like. He may have been in the wrong job, but I get the guy is being made a scapegoat and they're in denial about the real issue which is the complete lack of discipline in the classroom - think about the rest of classmates who are going to suffer inadequate teaching/education because of the attentions of one kid.
I have had a classroom teaching job and had no support from the organization I worked for - and it sent me over the edge too. Didn't take it out on the students though, because that would have been mighty unprofessional! The school he worked for might have been craply managed, but imagine the local uproar if that was the focus of the story. Property prices would plummet!

Instead the story is about the teacher who snapped. It was the school who employed him in the first place. If they're happy to employ people like that and then not support them in their jobs, then who is responsible for this situation? Not just the individual teacher, nor the parents, I would suggest.


If the kids are that bad so as to get a reaction from the teacher like that,then maybe the parents should take more responsibility for how they have brought them up so far?now before i get into trouble im not defending the teacher,because of his position he should be able to take whats thrown at him and act in a proffessional way at all times,but i have worked with kids not as young as that and they sometimes act like animals at a feeding frenzy,so i can understand if he snapped,BUT thats the point ,he shouldnt have.which is why in my oppinion many full time teachers leave early due to stress related illness,they act proffessionaly but it takes its toll over time.And i agree with the outcome,he couldnt control his emotions so he shouldnt be there.
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