Telling people politely to go away...


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The art of saying no is something everybody needs to learn.

If you haven't learned it yet, you can always tell them you will appreciate their help with the decorating, garden clearing and rebuilding - you'll be amazed at how many lose interest.

Interestingly we have good friends who live in Lockerbie, conveniently on the road to Scotland. However they are so fed up with people just using them as a coffee stop that they have now told everybody that they're only welcome if they are actually coming to stay for a weekend for the sake of friendship. Can't say I blame them!


yello said:
A programmer, so I know jackshit about computers really. Doesn't stop people ask me sort out their internet connections etc etc etc. It's amazing how refusal offends people though. I don't want to bugger up their computers but they think I'm being awkward! Can't win!
same here :biggrin: especially the first part ;)
bonj said:
same here :biggrin: especially the first part ;)
make that three of us. i do internal desktop support yet people always ask me to sort out their home wireless about which i know almost **** all. in fact not quite **** all. in fact **** all. :biggrin:


Ah Hoover Flee my oldest bestest forum buddy, I'm glad to hear things are going well for you, I always knew you'd go far.

I know life can sometimes become lonely, Hoover Flee, and riches can be a burden. Seeing as you and me have always had a real rapport on the forum I can only say that anytime you feel in need of company I shall put myself out in my usual selfless manner.
Hover Fly

Hover Fly

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All reet Noodles, me owd marra, can you hire a van, load it up with my machine tools (couple of small lathes and mills) and drive it down for me, I'll make sure there's a brew on in the servants' kitchen when you get there. Everyone else gets a back ache when I ask.
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