Tells us what cycling is coming up on TV....

Cheers, mon cher Remings! I must admit I got a bit behind with the calendar. I know nowt about the Panne - does it seem right that the 3rd day (28th) is showing as live at 9:30am in Eurosport's listings?
I think like the Criterium International, there must be two stages on, in this case, the last day...?

Edit: there is. Coverage though, starts at 1pm tomorrow - Tuesday 26th.


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Highlights of Liege-Bastogne-Liege race tomorrow ITV4 9pm
Cheers Basil, that one's already in the calendar but talking of ITV4, I'm sure I read somewhere that ITV4 were going to show a women's race sometime soon but now I can't find anything about it. Do you know anything about it? Or anyone?


my eurosport menu is listing freaking tennis on both channels all day today .... wtf, over ?...
yep, it's bollox eurosport HD is showing proper sport (ie cycling) it's just the TV guide that's not working - but if you're trying to record the giro you're screwed
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