Tern Link P9 folding bike

Discussion in 'For Sale and Auction' started by doginabag, 5 Sep 2016.

  1. doginabag

    doginabag Well-Known Member

    I have for sale my Tern Link P9 folding bike.

    Originally purchased from Evans approximately two years ago, it's been a good work horse getting me too and from work every day.

    Lets get the faults out the way first. The only current issue is some play in the front wheel hub, this would be a cheap fix with a new hub but as it doesn't affect the ride when in use I have never got round to it.

    Previous issues that have been resolved are;
    • The frame was replaced under warranty by Evans about a year ago, hence the black and white colour scheme. There was no fault with the frame itself, instead there was a faulty hinge screw that failed which could not be removed from the frame without damaging it, hence the new frame.
    • The original folding pedals have been replaced with a removable by Tern due to the original pedal spindle shearing. The new pedals seem to be a stronger design.
    Other than that, it is still a solid ride and keeps up a decent speed.
    I also have with it the original luggage rack which has never been used.

    Was originally £650 new iirc and looking for £250 now. Available from Southend on Sea, or I can bring it into central London.

    I forgot to take a folded photo so there is a stock image for now!
    IMG_20160830_204251.jpg IMG_20160830_204308.jpg IMG_20160830_204320.jpg IMG_20160830_204344.jpg 2012-TN-photo-Link-P9-blk-red-fold.jpg
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  2. shootz

    shootz New Member

    Is this bike still for sale?

    PM me
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