1. kingrollo

    Tern Link Folding Bike and Bag £350

    Tern Link Folding Bike - With 8 Speed Shimano Claris. This has been great for me - but as I now working from home I no longer need it. it rides and looks much better than most folding bikes in my opinion the 20 inch wheels provide a stiff responsive ride. The folding is very easy and fast and...
  2. macp

    Pulled the trigger Tern HSD S8i

    Loved my time with my Brompton but an opportunity (and giving my car to my daughter) has come my way. So I decided on a change. Particularly as im replacing my car for almost everyday use. There is a 2nd car in the family but its actually only available evenings & weekends. Love cargo bikes...
  3. M

    Wheel Replacement for Tern Link D8

    Does anyone know anyone who sells new replacement wheels (sapim?) for a Tern Link D8? My bike repairer cannot get his hands on one anywhere. Many thanks.
  4. Elybazza61

    Tern Link D8

    Managed to get this off a local free Facebook page before Christmas. Was advertised missing the seat post,clamp and shim but eventually came with two seat posts although only one was the right one. This is how I collected it; ; And after some t'internet searching for the right parts ; Not...
  5. kingrollo

    Rear brake cable for tern link

    Anybody know what brake cable I need for a tern link rear - Ive looked on line - but not sure about getting the right end shape - they seem to have a round barrel shaped end ?
  6. I

    Adjusting hydraulic disc brakes on Tern GSD e-cargo bike?

    Hi Just bought a brand new Tern GSD e cargo bike and I have just done about 10 miles on it local. I’ve noticed when spinning the front and back wheels that the discs are rubbing on the pads, especially front wheel. Called the retailer/service shop and they advised it can happen due to transit...
  7. kingrollo

    Bag for Tern link (20 in wheel)

    After a cheap bag for a a tern link - I only want it to lug the bike into my office - so it doesn't have to be heavy duty - I have ordered a cheap one £14 from ebay - but looking at my bike this morning - it doesn't fold that small - so suspect it won't fit or will be too much of a faff to get...
  8. S

    Tern Andros Stem - dimensions and user experience

    Hi Can anyone tell me the following dimensions of the Tern Andros Stem: https://www.ternbicycles.com/gear/472/andros-stem What is the width of the clamp handles at their widest part, the end where the axel is located ? What is the over-all length of the clamp handle ? What is the diameter of...
  9. P

    Tern BYOB

    Has a double fold in the frame and 20" wheels. Possibly the most compact folder with 20" wheels. Bit heavier and takes longer to fold than a normal Tern though. Anyone tried one?
  10. KneesUp

    Adding gearing to a single speed Tern / Dahon

    I'm thinking of getting a folder of some sort for a new job - I will only need to travel some days so it'll be a budget (i.e. secondhand and not a Brompton) purchase. I'm quite taken with the simplicity and weight saving of a SS for this, but if, for example, I bought a single speed Tern /...
  11. C

    creaking handlebars on tern p9

    Hi there.can anybody give me any advice. I have a tern link p9and I love the bike . But when I ride and I put any pressure on the handlebars I get a really annoying creaking sound. I think from the handlebars.I've oiled the handlebar hinge and the main frame hinge. And taken the handlebars off...
  12. chriscross1966

    Tern Andros handlebar clamps

    Hi folks, the higher-end-of-the-range Terns and some Dahons I berlieve, use a double-clamping handlebar swivelling mount called an Andros... I desire one.... I could import one from Germany, but I'm struggling to find one in the UK. Anyone got one?
  13. kingrollo

    Brake blocks for tern link (folder)

    Anybody got any recommendations for brake blocks (rim) for folding bikes - in particular the tern link - not changed em before wonder what I should buy ? Cheers.....
  14. itchybeard

    Tern bikes

    Tern P9 Anyone feel this is an Ok folding bike. Due to purchase a second hand bike.
  15. Justinitus

    Luggage Truss

    Morning everyone, looking for some help before I order the luggage truss. I have a Tern Link and an old Rixen Kaul Shopper Pro basket - http://www.klickfix.com/index.php?lang=en Could somebody please tell me the measurement from the top of the truss Klickfix adaptor to the top of the...
  16. kingrollo

    Tern link N8 - Chain keeps falling off

    I ve had my tern link 6 months now. Generally I am very pleased with it - however twice in the last few days the chain has fallen off when getting it in/out of the car...First time the only way I could get it back on was to move what looks like a chain guide (a bit of plastic on the down tube -...
  17. kingrollo

    My new Tern Link N8.

    Picked this up today. Folding and unfolding I am doing in around 30 seconds after some practice. The fold is very fast - but the resulting folded bike package isn't very elegant. Doesn't matter for me as its in and out of the car. Rides nice enough.
  18. doginabag

    Tern Link P9 folding bike

    I have for sale my Tern Link P9 folding bike. Originally purchased from Evans approximately two years ago, it's been a good work horse getting me too and from work every day. Lets get the faults out the way first. The only current issue is some play in the front wheel hub, this would be a...
  19. P

    Tern Link D8

    I bought one off eBay, by accident - pressed the button when I didn't mean to. The frame had just been replaced under warranty as part of the recall by Tern. I gave it a thorough going over today. Very solidly built, over engineered I'd say. The 8 speed Neos derailleur is brillaint, the N-fold...
  20. U

    Tern D8 2015 Folding bike.

    Tern Link D8 Folding Bike. 8 speed folding bike. Great value, high quality alternative to a Brompton. Has bigger wheels than a Brompton so feels more stable and a little more capable. Bought October 2015 Probably done about 50 miles on it. Couple of minor marks from folding. Otherwise...
  21. Dave the Smeghead

    Quick release handlebar stem - Tern Joe D21

    I got wiped out by another cyclist 2 weeks ago on one of the cycle super highways whilst cycling into work (why do some people ride them like they are trying to get to the front of the peloton?), and initially the bike seemed fine but I was mistaken. A few days later on the ride home went for a...
  22. Y

    Tern Folding Bikes

    Does anyone have experience with this make of bike. They appear to have the convenience of a folding bike but with the look of a more standard bike. Something like the Eclipse Tour with its 24 inch wheels or the Joe with 27.5 inch wheels may look normal, I am wondering if they feel like a...
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