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Discussion in 'Folding Bikes' started by itchybeard, 1 Mar 2018.

  1. itchybeard

    itchybeard Well-Known Member

    North Lancashire
    Tern P9
    Anyone feel this is an Ok folding bike. Due to purchase a second hand bike.
  2. Cycleops

    Cycleops Veteran

    Accra, Ghana
    Tern is quite well regarded. What model is it and how much?
  3. chriswoody

    chriswoody Veteran

    I've owned a Tern Link Uno for the last 2 and a bit years. Its a fantastic bike, I commute everyday on it and it's our go to bike for a quick nip to the shops and so forth. It's been ultra reliable no matter the weather and gets ridden in all conditions.

    The ride itself is really nice and surprisingly was noticeably stiffer than the Dahon I owned previously. The fold is easy to do and quick once you get used to it. Obviously not as small as a Brompton, but plenty small enough to fit into the boot of a VW Polo if you need it to!. I regularly carry mine up and down the stairs to the train platforms with no problems, it's quite easy to carry unfolded. The magnets that are supplied, are bugger all use at keeping it together when folded though.

    The finish of the bike has stood up really well to the last couple of years abuse as well and there are very few chips and marks on the frame. Standard kit supplied is a mix of high quality, like SKS guards and no name components like the chainset. The P9 appears to be a Verge, which is a step up again in quality from my Link and should be a lovely bike.

    One big warning with a secondhand bike is to check it's not one of the frames caught up in the recall a few years back. Both Links and Verge's manufactured in one factory, suffered from broken frames. After I purchased mine, I checked the frame number and found that it was within the range that was possibly part of the recall. I contacted Tern and they replied in days to reassure me that mine was not affected. I was happy to believe them at the time and two years and thousands of miles later there's been no issues.

    Another issue is the weight limit. I am a relatively light, at about 65 kg. I have a colleague at work who is tall and stocky and weighs about 90 kilos. Fully dressed and carrying his work bag he exceeds the weight limit for his Tern Link D7. Just recently he's been having problems with the hinge pin and needed it replacing. We can't say for certainty that this was a weight issue, but it's worth keeping in mind.
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  4. doginabag

    doginabag Well-Known Member

    I had a P9 for a couple of years, from new.

    Was a nice ride and fold was quick and easy, but was let down by poor quality fixings imo. The frame hinge bolt sheared after 6 months which couldn't be removed without damage to the frame, so a new frame was needed. Later one of the pedals sheared and took a lot of arguing to get Tern to replace it. All other general fixings suffered from corrosion despite being (allegedly) stainless steel. I suspect they are either a low grade stainless or plated mild steel fixings. I also had the bearings fail in the front axel by about 18 months.

    So I would say if you are happy with the fold, then the frame and components are good enough, but the fixings that hold the lot together let it down. If I were to get another I would consider replacing all screws/bolts etc.

    I paid ~£600 for mine and sold it two years later for £120 so not great resale value. But if you are looking to buy second hand that will work in your favour. Would definitely suggest viewing any bike first rather than buying blind.
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