That was a suprise, opening Olympic event

Yup. The cauldron thing I thought was both clever and elegant.
And as you say theres the British bit of it. No chance of competing with the Chinese we'll have a party instead :thumbsup:


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+1. I was fully expecting an embarrassment; I was very pleasantly surprised. Some of it was bizarre, borderline surreal ("I know, let's have lost of hospital beds with kids in, and people dancing around dressed as doctors & nurses!" "Great idea!" "Sooper!" "High fives!")...but overall I thought it made a really good show of it, and genuinely showcased/made best use of what we do well. Beijing was always going to be a hard act to follow...I take my hat off to the organisers, who did the right thing - sidestepped neatly, and played to our strengths.


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I loved it. I loved the rural idyll, and I loved the dark satanic mills - especially the molten metal effect of the ring forging. I giggled all the way through Mr Bean and Chariots of Fire, and was gobsmacked when the queen in the Bond film turned out to be The Queen!

I could have done without quite so much Dizzy Rascal, but then I'm an 80's girl music wise.

I loved the cauldron too. After all the hype about who was going to light it, I was a bit 'meh' about Sir Steve Redgrave - no disrespect to him, but it seemed a bit obvious. But once it was handed over to the youngsters, somehow the who stopped mattering and the why took over, which is how it should be.

Finally. Where can I get a set of those wings!?

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I wasn't that interested in the overall Olympics thing but the opening ceremony was excellent!

I thought the rising mill chimney with a 'Fred Dibner' hoisted up the side was a nice touch.

The rings/wings were fantastic.


Absolutely loved it. The Pink Floyd and Fireworks was amazing, the cauldron was breathtaking.

We start our journey today to the greatest show on earth - Judo to see tomorrow, I just can't wait. Very very proud to be British.


I thought it was great too. Don't know what i was expecting, but i think this exceeded it.

My norwegian gf tho, thought it was OTT patriotic! Then went on to say the Lillehammer Olympics is widely reknowned as the best ever!!!
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