That was a suprise, opening Olympic event

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Biglad82, 28 Jul 2012.

  1. Biglad82

    Biglad82 Active Member

    Arise sir Boyle....??.

    Well that ended up being a hell of a lot better than I thought, fantastic to see it concentrated so much on the British theme....
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  2. Piemaster

    Piemaster Guru

    UK City of Culture
    Yup. The cauldron thing I thought was both clever and elegant.
    And as you say theres the British bit of it. No chance of competing with the Chinese we'll have a party instead :thumbsup:
  3. OP

    Biglad82 Active Member

    True and in a lot of ways better for it
  4. swee'pea99

    swee'pea99 Legendary Member

    +1. I was fully expecting an embarrassment; I was very pleasantly surprised. Some of it was bizarre, borderline surreal ("I know, let's have lost of hospital beds with kids in, and people dancing around dressed as doctors & nurses!" "Great idea!" "Sooper!" "High fives!")...but overall I thought it made a really good show of it, and genuinely showcased/made best use of what we do well. Beijing was always going to be a hard act to follow...I take my hat off to the organisers, who did the right thing - sidestepped neatly, and played to our strengths.
  5. OP

    Biglad82 Active Member

    The industrial show was better than anything I saw in the Beijing IMHO , typified the change of the world, and the remberance was a nice touch too
  6. Brains

    Brains Guru

    Note: The people dressed as doctors and nurses are real doctors and nurses
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  7. Keith Oates

    Keith Oates Janner

    Penarth, Wales
    I thought it was a good opening ceremony and well worth getting up at 0200 hours (Vietnam time) to watch it on TV. It is something that we can say was British and not a copy of some other country or event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    for what i saw through sleepy eyes , seemed very clever
  9. Arch

    Arch Married to Night Train

    Salford, UK
    I loved it. I loved the rural idyll, and I loved the dark satanic mills - especially the molten metal effect of the ring forging. I giggled all the way through Mr Bean and Chariots of Fire, and was gobsmacked when the queen in the Bond film turned out to be The Queen!

    I could have done without quite so much Dizzy Rascal, but then I'm an 80's girl music wise.

    I loved the cauldron too. After all the hype about who was going to light it, I was a bit 'meh' about Sir Steve Redgrave - no disrespect to him, but it seemed a bit obvious. But once it was handed over to the youngsters, somehow the who stopped mattering and the why took over, which is how it should be.

    Finally. Where can I get a set of those wings!?
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  10. Night Train

    Night Train Maker of Things

    Greater Manchester
    I wasn't that interested in the overall Olympics thing but the opening ceremony was excellent!

    I thought the rising mill chimney with a 'Fred Dibner' hoisted up the side was a nice touch.

    The rings/wings were fantastic.
  11. Doseone

    Doseone Veteran

    Absolutely loved it. The Pink Floyd and Fireworks was amazing, the cauldron was breathtaking.

    We start our journey today to the greatest show on earth - Judo to see tomorrow, I just can't wait. Very very proud to be British.
  12. Stephenite

    Stephenite Membå

    I thought it was great too. Don't know what i was expecting, but i think this exceeded it.

    My norwegian gf tho, thought it was OTT patriotic! Then went on to say the Lillehammer Olympics is widely reknowned as the best ever!!!
  13. Theseus

    Theseus .

    We saw it for free at Cineworld at FountainPark

    As the teams entered, cheers erupted from different areas.
  14. TVC

    TVC Guest

    Completely first class, loved it.
  15. Arch

    Arch Married to Night Train

    Salford, UK
    Does anyone know why the Czech athletes were wearing uniform wellies? ^_^
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