That's that dangerous junction sorted


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What do you mean by 'negotiated away'? As in 'considered and rejected'? What authority has to agree the HA permanent diversion order?
If the diversion order proposal can be negotiated with the objector to find an mutually acceptable solution that is acceptable to the Highways Agency, then the objection is deemed to be withdraws by agreement, when submitted under the Planning Act with an accompanying planning application for approval of the changes.
Diversions were also heard by the Magistrates Court under the Highways Act but if there was a visible objection the order was refused and there were no procedures to appeal or re-apply.
Never discount sheer doziness or blindness. My life nearly ended early when, the night before I was due to start my present job in 1988, my friend who was driving us simply failed to see the very prominent Stop signs, realised too late so carried on and we shot across the busy A59 at Menwith Hill. Everybody in the car gasped and Dave said: "Hmmm.... I think it's time I got some glasses!"
Was that the cross road that used to marked “Dangerous Corner” on OS maps?
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