That's what I call an orange sky...

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andyoxon said:
In the West - now, impressive isn't it? :tongue:


We are obviously looking at the same sky:biggrin:

Yes, it is a long time since I have seen it quite that orange. Nothing to be seen from the top (it slopes upwards) of my garden between here and the Malverns - where are you? ;)

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Kirton, Devon.
Andy...If your at work/home, we're certainly looking at the same sky...and it's kind of freaky from here! What's more, I'm just going to walk home now....I may be some time...


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South Manchester
Deep red up here !


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Fab Foodie said:
Red sky at night, shepherds delight
Red sky in morming, shepherds warning
Mince beef and tatties, shepherds pie

Surely Shepards Pie is made with minced lamb? ;)
That orange sky extended at least as far north as Glasgow. Pretty stunning! Must be all that pollution in the atmosphere...;)
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