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Post-Covid update: Getting a qualifying ride in this month is most definitely going to go down to the wire. I went into town today for the Remembrance event and had a struggle. It feels like the power of the body's engine is still there, but either I've got the wrong air-filter installed in my lungs or there's something stuck in my body's equivalent of a carburettor. I am improving, but, as I say - watch this space. :blink:

Slow and steady wins the race, it took me months to recover and this challenge was what got me out on the bike.

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(I know this post should probably be under Your Ride Today, but since it was an experiment to see how I'm feeling for an attempt at this month's qualifying ride, I thought you might all be interested.)
Ten miles out and back to Levington and whilst I'm not a hundred percent, I felt better than I thought I would and I'm beginning to think I might just get a ride in. :boxing:
I even paused for a pic.
This at Foxhall.

Foxhall 12.11.22.jpg


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After the whole back debacle, a couple of weeks ago, I have been gentle with myself. I am still learning that new job and have been riding more as it’s one thing that I can do that doesn’t hurt. It’s still not right. GP is as much help as a chocolate fireguard as he ‘examined’ the back by telephone and psychic ability and said it was age related and that I have to know when to slow down and think about retirement. I am 58. Not dead.

Since posting last, have have been commuting to my work from home job on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Fridays. Week 1 was about 12 - 13 miles each. Week 2 was a day off on Monday for a visit from the landlord electrician doi the annual check, so did a nice 51km beforehand, 2 miles Weds as my chain snapped for no good reason and Friday morning I went out on my MTB and have decided that I don’t really like it now.

Yesterday was saved by a 10 mile tandem ride under the stars and today a wonderful 54km in the Fenland sun. A bit breezy but good fun. Added bonus was cheesy chips at the Welney Flag & Lamb. Definitely way too many chips and felt a bit ill on the 13 miles back. We invented an interesting route with a couple of ‘I wonder what’s down there’ at dead ends and a ‘that looks nice, let’s see where it goes’, plus a dirt track bridle path with a sign saying no traffic. Walkers, horse riders and cyclists welcome. We had a good time. The mojo is back. I need 280 miles by 31st Dec to hit 3000 miles. I am off work until Thursday now so can ride tomorrow and Monday. Tuesday is Marti Pellow weather so will do a shopping run.

Cassette and chain ordered for the Genesis and it can be collected on Friday. Halfords but I get discounts and have vouchers to use up. At home, until then, it’s the Trek and I might try to sell it. It’s not much fun to ride.
13 rider

13 rider

22nd - 32 miles - 1 point
- Damery, Stinchcombe, Frocester, Eastington, Berkeley, Stone, Damery

11th - 32 miles - 1 point
- Kingswood, Hillesley, Horton, C Sodbury, Tytherington, Thornbury, Stone, Damery

25th - 32 miles - 1 point
- Damery, Stinchcombe, Frocester, Eastington, Berkeley, Stone, Damery

15th - 31.3 miles - 1 point
- Hawkesbury Upton, Badminton, Sopworth, Didmarton, Leighterton, Dursley, Stinchcombe

8th - 33.8 miles - 1 point
- Damery, Stinchcombe, Sharpness, Berkeley, Oldbury, Thornbury, Tytherington, Cromhall

12th - 32 miles - 1 point -
Damery, Berkeley Heath, Purton, Berkeley, Thornbury, Tytherington, Cromhall

15th - 42 miles - 1 point
- Euxton, Bretherton, Tarleton, Hesketh Bank, Crossens, Southport Botanic Gardens 🍰, Churchtown, Tarscough, Rufford, Mawdesley, Croston, Euxton

27th - 31 miles - 1 point
- Damery, Stinchcombe, Purton, Berkeley, Thornbury, Tytherington, Cromhall

19th - 34 miles - 1 point
- Damery, Stinchcombe, Cam, Frocester, Eastington, Cambridge, Slimbridge, Berkeley, Stinchcombe, Damery

22nd - 34 miles - 1 point
- Damery, Stinchcombe, Cam, Frocester, Eastington, Cambridge, Slimbridge, Berkeley, Stinchcombe, Damery

22nd - 31 miles - 1 point
- Hawkesbury Upton, Badminton, Acton Turville, Alderton, Sherston, Sopworth, Leighterton, Wotton, home

Total: 10 points

Attempting to move house this summer - this is my excuse for only doing enough to meet the challenge!
You seem to have missed off the details of November's ride. I also make 11 points to date
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Nice weather this morning - was feeling like I had a cold coming on, and hadn't planned to cycle - but it was dry and bright, so went out for a spin.

As always, the worst drivers seem to be in the mile closest to home - got to the end of my street, turned onto the main road through the town, approached traffic lights, which were green. Changed to amber as I approached, and then I heard the car behind me, felt the wind from the close pass, then he "left hooked" in front of me thru the red light. Just as well I was stopping.

It gets the adrenaline going.

Another mile or so on that road, then I'm onto the cycle route. Farm road, part of NCN73, it used to be a "rat run" for cars trying to avoid a junction, fortunately it's now got bollards and no through traffic.

Stopped for a few minutes at the bollards, chatting to an older chap who was fixing a puncture. He was bemoaning "a young guy he had passed, pushing a 4 thousand pound electric bike, with a puncture, who didn't have a spare tube or tyre levers..."

On through Kilwinning, quiet farm roads via Benslie, Torranyard, Cunninghamhead to Kilmaurs. Road getting a little busier, and there's a steep climb out of the town with an impatient driver behind me. Kept going for a bit, then took a right turn down a farm road which took me towards Kilmarnock. Didn't recognise the road at all, but Strava tells me I've been on it 3 times before!

Headed up another farm road, which would eventually take me to Dean Castle country park. Or at least it normally would - no signage or anything like that, but as I neared the park, I found the road blocked by HERAS fencing and a couple of diggers. Some walkers there, grumbling about the same obstacle. Anyway - we dragged it to the side and got through. Plenty of "Sorry, Path Closed" signs on that side!

Stopped at the visitor centre, some soup and nice coffee. Very pleasant, sitting outside in the sun.

Back on the bike, through Kilmarnock and followed the NCN73 railway path from there to just outside Irvine.

Left the path as it neared the town - it gets a bit twisty, and busy with dog walkers - followed some quiet streets and a busway into Irvine. Through the town, back to Kilwinning, then NCN73 home.



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November done. Only one more to go...
I had been planning to do the ride on Saturday but holiday planning got in the way so it had to be Sunday. What I hadn't expected was the thick fog which hung around until 12, then it was a quick dash to get ready so I could get back home before dark.
Stuck more or less to the standard route (because it's easy) but did a quick detour to Buttsbury ford which I've not seen for a while.
Largely uneventful ride except for it getting a bit too dark at the end. Must get some working lights on the bike.


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A wet weekend in Grange with just a few hours of fine cool weather on Saturday for a ride out. Lots of others seem to have had the same idea. My arm was as tired as my legs with all the waving. :hello:
Mixed it up a bit with a couple of extra climbs, into and out of Cartmel and a little leg burner into Heversham.

The Lyth Valley from Sandside

Jon George

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In my haste to post a comment, I forgot to say thanks for the encouragement I received on here. Whilst there was a large part of sheer bloody-mindedness on my part, that extra push from yourselves helped a lot. (I did my best not to catch COVID in the first place, but I'll be upping my game to make sure I never get it again. I can't risk that getting in the way of points. ^_^)
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