The bum question and honesty


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Sure enough my wife asked me the bum question, you know "Do you think I have a big bum?" there are variations like "Does my bum look big in this?" for instance. Of course I answered "No dear" which in my experience is always the best/only answer. To be honest I never give it a lot of thought because this way trouble lurks. I just feign consideration with a slight pause.
Am I being dishonest or just protecting my best interest - or?


You are protecting her interest as well i.e. her wellbeing, mental health etc.


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It perhaps says a lot that my husband says my bum is my best feature! :laugh:
As my dear mum used to say "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all".
I take this to mean that if you say something to make someone feel good about themselves, then that's perfectly acceptable, whether it's a little white lie or not :smile:

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She might want to have a big which case, you may have just caused's a dangerous path to assume solution...ask why she wants to know or if she'd like one...then accentuate the positives in whichever direction you need's all relative...


you did the right thing . not only did you protect your best interest you also protected your testicles .

every time my wife asked this question i just say lets go up to bedroom and i will prove how perfect and sexy your bum and you are :ohmy:. she has not asked for years . ^_^


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A loaded question if ever there was one. As a husband of many years standing, there is no right answer. If you say no, the lady in question will of already made her mind up, and disagree . If you say yes it it enormous, that dress does not suit you, you are doomed. Be brave, and run away.:bicycle:
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