The Canal. The cycle rage.


I don't know if any of you have this problem but I have it everyday I commute. I commute straight down the canal and everyday I am greeted with the usual array of people who refuse to move even though I ring my bell giving them plenty of time and space to take one step to the side. But will they. No they won't I get forced onto the small grass verge. Or the dog walkers who will make no effort and let the dog stroll out in front of you off its lead, then mutter you shouldn't be cycling here and such. I know I have every right to cycle there it just really annoys me. Grrrr. I think I have a dose of cycle rage. :,(

Anyone got any tips to stop getting so frustrated. ?


Snow plough attachment on the front?

Gentle persuasion, no bell, just "just good afternoon" (or whatever) and as they move "thank you" That throws them most do not know what to say. Of course if persistent offenders refuse to move you carry a length of oily chain and welt them with it:gun::gun:


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Pedalo, make use of the canal


If i slow down i need to wake up earlier :thumbsdown: And its not that i am an absolute renegade its just manners ain't it i know they don't have to step aside and if they do i always thank them. its the ones that just deny your existence. I guess ill slow down. Seems to be the best advice.
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