The case for cycle paths

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by User, 22 Jul 2012.

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    Nothing to argue with there.:smile:
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    stockton on tees

    Very well said.
  4. MrJamie

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    Cycling on a path behind a pretty lady is better than cycling with cars, that was the question right? :smile:
  5. 400bhp

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    [QUOTE 1945549, member: 45"]So first off let's acknowledge that there's plenty of cycling provision, both on and off road, which isn't great.

    Now, here's a view....



    Is it a view? You're not close enough. :whistle:
  6. ufkacbln

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    We have a major issue in Gosport with our cycle rack (note this is not my video)

    The track starts at about 0:24 with the illegally parked van!

    They now want to change this into this:

    The biggest downside is that despite the massive use by kids to access three schools all pedestrian access is to be banned. THe only option for the kids is a long detour on main roads or the bus!

    So much for promoting active children!

    It took a long campaign over the last ten tears to get cycles allowed, and even now there is a curfew when they close the bus route putting cyclists back on the main road between (IIRC) midnight and about 05:00

    The cycle facility is excellent, shame we are going t lose it.
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