The CC Trig Point bagger thread, now incorporating other interesting geographs

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by Drago, 19 Mar 2017.

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  2. This afternoon

    Flat Bridge

    Bolton Bridge (Bolton Abbey)


    Carrying the road, over Hambleton Beck
  3. Bobby Mhor

    Bobby Mhor Wasn't born to follow

    One on a short visit to Greenock
    (only 'cause car parked next to)
    NS 2718 7683 Greenock, Union St, Wall.jpg
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  4. Phaeton

    Phaeton Guru

    Oop North (ish)
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  5. Tuesday 29th

    St Nicolas Street
    King's Lynn


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  6. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    Got an unlisted Edward VII postbox on the walk back into Bradford City Centre from the BRI.
    A little under five foot in height.
    Odd looks prevented any close look at the base.

    An unlisted George VI post box earlier on the same road.

    Unlisted as not on the Post Box Study Group site.
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  7. Well, the Newark (& Great North Road) images on page 170 were taken on a family day-out, I just incorporated part of the return journey into a GNR trip, as it's one of my geeky interests
    We had decided, that when I was 'weekend-off', we'd go to places, instead of just the usual 'sitting looking at each other' (if I wasn't allowed out on bike)

    Likewise, the Bolton Abbey/'Buffers'/Barden Bridge/Ilkley/Otley trip last weekend

    KIng's Lynn, was due to SWMBO, having to be there, for consultancy work, at the local Hospital
    So, whilst she was in there, I went into town & walked around taking LOTS of photographs
    (I just drove us down, so she could work on the way back, it was a hard drive in a way; as I'd got up at 03:30, worked till 14:00, went to help move furniture/IT to a new office, then set off down there at 18:00)

    Look out for more 'excursions', such as;
    Lincoln (not been for 30 years or so....)
    Elsecar Industrial Museum
    Saltaire (again)
    Hebden Bridge/Todmorden
    Gilling East railway
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  8. I've been in Ledston Hall, a very prominent building on the escarpment, but very sadly neglected/run down

    White Cloth Hall!!!
    A splendid building, if sadly truncated by the coming of the railways


    John Speeds memorial
    I have my own images of that one


    What about this beauty, brought from Luddenden Dean?

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