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I used to notice that, & the one at Mountain, when I went that way to the fell-races that started at Penistone Hill (Haworth)
If you mean the one on the Brighouse - Denholme Road, before Raggalds, it's a listed "building".
If you mean the one on the Brighouse - Denholme Road, before Raggalds, it's a listed "building".
Yes it is


I'd drive M62 > M606 > Odsal > Wibsey > Clayton Heights > Old Dolphin' > Queesnbury
Throuhj Mountain > Denholme Gate
The sharp left on the hairpin, before Denholme (Long Causeway)

Pace Research (bikes) used to be based down here, in a building alongside Leeming Reservoir

Join the Hebden Bridge road, then turn off to to the right (north) on the road to Stanbury
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Roman standard
At the site of the (excavated & reburied) Bath House

Junction of (Saville Road & Church Street
(just opposite the conjectured fording point over the river... which has rather nice mosaic
Castleford..... Lagentivm


It's recognised that the Roman Road, essentially leaves the path of the Great North Road, at Barnsdale Bar (after passing through the western edges of Doncaster)
It heads into Pontefract, then turns to the west, passing between Pontefract & Featherstone
Lost under the streets of Castleford, it then carries on as Barnsdale Road, to the north of the River Aire, with the section to the top-side of 'Peckfield Bar' (where the A63 crosses it) being known as Roman Ridge Road
Then it continues to Aberford, before turning slightly east to Tadcaster (Calcaria)
Tues 7th

Senior Management was undertaking some consultancy work at Scarborough Hospital
I arranged for a days annual-leave & drove her up (thus earning brownie points?)
We were up there, before 08:45 (with her meeting starting at 09:30)

Once dropped off, I had a few hours (not sure how many it would be) exploring....
Normally I consider Scarborough to be 'Blackpool-on-the- North Sea', but out of season today, it was quite enjoyable


Leading Post Street

The timber-framed house is almost like something from (HP Lovecrafts) Innsmouth here..

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She's back again, for another meeting on Thursday 13th, so once more 'for brownie points', I've arranged the day off, & taking her again:angel:
Thus, once more, she can sit in the back, on the return journey & do her work on the lap-top, rather than having to play catch-up in the evening

Hopefully, the light may be better than the date above for photography, & I'll research more beforehand

Plus, being a parsimonious Yorkshireman, the parking is free on Marine Drive, until the middle of March:okay:
(on Tues 7th, including my Octavia, there were only 5 other cars, on the section, from the 'headland' to the Toll-Bar!!)

Believe daughter's also coming with us, to keep me company for the day
(ie; expecting me to pay for dinner somewhere, during the day.....)
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