The Cyclechat Annual Ride Every Day Challenge?


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I'm currently on run of 303 days started in March 2017 . Last year missed 5 days due to flu then the March day I missed was during the beast from the east and was too icy to ride . @Supersuperleeds will pass 500 consecutive days on Jan 9th . He won't stop until I stop it could be a long game
Give you a target, 1,181 days.
Set between Febuary 2002 & May 2005(the last weekend). Five days missed/lost in March 2005 following being hit by a car.


I like this.

Did a 135 day streak last year, veloviewer snip below.

Currently 3/3 for 2019, I wonder how long it will last....

I think the only thing I can think that'll be an issue is if I get hospitalised (again)..


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near Hornsea
I did it in 2015, Steve Abrahams was going for his long distance challenge & hoping to ride an average of around 200 miles a day :ohmy: I thought if he can do that, I've no excuse for not going out each day.
It was tough at times & my legs never got the rest they needed, as many days I was riding too fast & not taking in 'recovery' rides.
No minimum distance, though I would reckon for a GPS tracked ride it would need to be at least 0.1 miles.
I was ill for a while during the year & one day all I could manage was a ride down the lane & back which was about 0.1 mile, the shortest ride I've ever uploaded to Strava :laugh:
I doubt I'll ever do the challenge again, as it may make you ride in weather conditions that are not really safe :blush: I remember battling 50mph (ish) crosswinds, but luckily I don't think there was much ice that year, although I do recall one evening where I'd just arrived home from work one Sunday evening & my tea was ready as I walked in the door, but it was just starting to get frosty, so I got changed & straight out on the bike before it became too bad outside, when I arrived back home it was also frosty inside :whistle: Depending on the length of your ride you may need a very understanding partner :okay: Early on in 2015 I was getting a little bit of grief, but eventually Mrs SD came round to accept it & it got to the point where she would ask what time I was riding, rather than if ^_^



Top doged'ness for that effort in 2015.

I take the same approach, little and often and all my activities are extra-curricula with work being too far (for me) and too dangerous to cycle commute. Although I could cycle to the next furthest away train station.

The little and often is still a herculean effort for me having a structurally damaged heart and taking massive doses of heart slowing drugs.

Currently with mine being extra-curricular, I'm out in the cold and dark each evening which I quite enjoy, it is all about the lights!

But yes, the gauntlet has been thrown down, I'd like to give this a bash.... although I did set aside Monday evenings for swimming... I could cycle to the swimming pool and back.
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