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Lose one game all season and the y don’t win the title. Unbelievable.

97 points out off a possible 114 and they don’t win it. Unbelievable

Next year will be there year.


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Along with winning less games, scoring less goals and accumulating less points than the champions.


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There have been some positional duels in the Prem this season that caught my eye (leaving aside last place, that was nailed on for some time!)

You obviously had the the battle for top, which went to the wire. But also it seemed that whilst 3rd spot looked confirmed for a while, other teams failed to take advantages of the slip ups. Chelsea and Arsenal seemed to make hard work of it, and ManU might have briefly flirted before the new manager bounce wore off. All three were surprisingly inconsistent. Then you had 7th spot, which nobody seemed to want. It looked like Watford's to lose but maybe they decided to rest up for the FA Cup.

Edit: more on this. Folk spoke at first of this season as being 'top 6' and 'best of the rest'. In fact we've seen a greater fracture than this. It's been top 2, then a group of 4, then another larger band followed by those that struggled from day 1. As the season went on, there wasn't a great deal of interchange; it largely stayed battles within battles. West Ham seemed to have a late surge that defied this but other that that, I reckon teams pretty much stayed in their groups.
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Feeling sorry for Chris Hughton today. Treated shabbily by yet another Prem team. Late season form admittedly dire, but I'm guessing that was down to number of available decent players at the club rather than managerial shortcomings. And he did keep them up. Add Brighton to the list of Newcastle and Norwich who baled out on him far too early, leaving most of their fans bewildered by his sacking and still holding him in high regard. The man has a quiet dignity and an ability to generate team spirit and get the best out everyone. I've never seen him slagging off refs or engaging in rows with other managers. Perhaps seen as too nice?

We (at Birmingham City) were lucky enough to get him just after being relegated and 90% of our players jumping ship in 2011. As we'd won the League cup in our relegation season, we had a Europa League campaign to fit in around a marathon 46 game league season ... fielding a squad who hardly knew each other and that was made up of free transfers, loanees and youngsters . He did unbelievably well to get us through to the group stages in Europe (being the first English club ever to win away to FC Bruges along the way) and also get us through to the Championship play-offs. This went almost unnoticed in the press, but will stand the test of time as a real achievement. I, along with many other Blues fans, will never forget that brilliant season before he moved on to bigger things, and I wish him all the very best in future.


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The like is for Chris, not blues;-)


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As a Liverpool fan obviously disappointed. The ironic thing is that LFC could win the trophy MCFC crave, MCFC having won the trophy that LFC crave. I suspect both teams would happily swap

The silver lining is the situation at MUFC. I was with City fans on Sunday and we found common ground in our dislike of United and the feeling of schadenfreude. I suspect it will be many years before they are back challenging, just like LFC have struggled after Shankly/Paisley to redefine themsleves


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In a funny sort of way I think United are suffering from having too much money. I know that sounds daft but I think that if they weren't so rich they would have to choose more carefully which players they buy, like most other clubs do. They would have to pick those who would fit into a team, rather than just buy an expensive player because he's available.

They will probably struggle again next season, if the reports of a player clear out are true, because they will somehow have to bed in a lot of new guys who haven't played together before. There is a rebuilding process to go through and that takes time. It took a few years but Liverpool have done it, Spurs also have gradually built a pretty good team and Arsenal are in the process themselves.


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I watched Leeds lose to Sheffield a couple of months back in a Harrogate pub. They reminded me of a team but l couldn't think of them at the time. Later l made the connection, it was Bielsa's Bilbao, relentlessly bossing Man U among other teams, all with pretty average players.

I do hope they go up, it's very brave and entertaining football. I think that if they'd had just the addition of Nahki Wells, they'd have been Champions, the amount of chances they create.
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