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When did they start playing each final on seperate days?

Every game should kick off at 3 o'clock on a Saturday, regardless.


And then it likely won’t be allowed to be televised live
Why though. I know why they say, because it affects crowds at other games but I'm not so sure. I know it doesn't mean much but I wouldn't miss a game at Ibrox just because another match between 2 other teams I couldn't care less about were on the telly. I'd far rather go watch a junior match.

3 o'clock on a Saturday is for football.


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Tonking wannit?


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It was hard watching the end of the game today. It reminded me of Bradford v Swansea in 2013, it's a major final, you've hardly had a kick. What can you do but wave silly plastic flags about?

meta lon

I said to my good lady Man C will get 5 or 6. There ya go.
Total class, Watford had no answer to this superb display.

I bet Southgate sat there thinking " if only these feckers were all English" :laugh:
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