The Great Conjunction


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Anybody see it? Cloudy here tonight but I got a good look at it yesterday. Unfortunately by the time I'd dug out the toy telescope for an attempt at a rubbish phone photo it had dropped below the horizon.


Missed it!! It’s been too cloudy here. When the clouds cleared the other night, I got a lovely view of Mars and Orion.

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Yes saw it last night. Knew forecast wasn’t good today or tomorrow. So been out last three nights to see if it could be seen. Could see it as one with naked eye and two through monocular. Saturn was above and slightly left of Jupiter.


Looking for the lost chord.
Clear here at present.
What is it?


Saw it last night. 1/2 interesting trip out with the kids and telescope, but neither planet is brighter than normal and Saturn is a fair bit dimmer than Jupiter anyeay, so great is stretching it a bit. It'll be around for a week or so, so no real rush.
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Ming the Merciless

There is no mercy
Inside my skull
Twenty years ago I was in Chile, and lucky enough to be invited up to one of the big telescopes there. Got to look at Saturn and see the rings. Incredible to see with my own eyes rather than just something on a screen.
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