The "How Much?" / "Having a Giraffe!" Café thread...

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I think when I first started drinking in pubs it was 1.50 a pint. We occasionally stretched to Stella if we were flush, that was the only one that hit £2


You naughty boy.
My wife thinks I spent £650 out of the boat fund fixing a sail. I gave the guy with the big sewing machine a bottle of "hors taxe" rum that I didn't like for the 15 mins work.
The money evaporated. Assume the rum did too. Say no more.

What boat do you have? We need a boat thread!!


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I recall when I was first old enough to legally visit drinking establishments (cough), Newcastle Exhibition was 66 pence a pint in the local working men's club, 1986.


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16p a pint for Tartan bitter in the Cardiff union bar when I started at UWIST

At UWIST, that's an echo from the corridors of time. I enrolled at The Welsh CAT and graduated from UWIST.

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Judging your grammar.
I used to go to my local off licence, get 20 Woodbine and a bottle of Jack Daniel's and still have change from a pound. That was before they had CCTV.

Well, I used to go to the off-licence, get six bottles of Guinness, 200 B&H Sovereign, a bottle of Bordeaux red and a packet of condoms, and the shopkeeper would give me £30 to take it away.
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