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Rob S

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2008 sees the cycling institution that was the Cycling Plus Century A Month Challenge moving to Cycle Chat and you and your bike are more than welcome to participate. Simply stick your name down in this thread. Any questions not answered by the rules below, post them here

The concept is simple:

Ride at least one century in each calendar month through 2008.

The rules:

-A century is a single ride of at least 100.0 miles as measured on a reasonably accurate cycle computer. 99.9 miles or less is not a century.

-Breaks/stops during the ride are permitted for refreshment/repairs/sightseeing etc but stops to sleep and stops at your home are not permitted.

-A qualifying century cannot start before 0001hrs on the morning of the first day of the calendar month.

-For qualifying rides ridden on the last day of the month: the 100.0 mile mark must have been passed by 2359.59 hrs on that day.

-If you miss a month you are out of the challenge, no exceptions for any reason, riding more than one century in a month does not entitle you to miss a month in lieu.

-Centuries ridden on rollers/turbo trainers/indoor velodromes do not count towards the challenge.

-Qualifying rides should be posted in a Register thread which will be started and stickied on Jan 1 in Road, Audax and Sportives section. Simply post once and subsequently edit that one post each month....for an example of what that should look like check here:

-This thread will be a Century A Month Chat thread specifically for posting comments, planned rides, bowing out excuses etc which will keep the main Register as neat and tidy as possible.

-Usual safety and responsibility cop out disclaimers apply blah blah blah...own risk...your fault nobody elses...yadda yadda yadda.


All those that successfully ride a century in each month of 2008 will receive a virtual pat on the back from your equally successful peers.

To celebrate the Fifth year of this challenge all previously successful riders from the first 4 years are entititled to display, in their Register thread post, a special star
for every previous yearly challenge they have successfully completed.


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cheers Rob S, count me in please. Ash68. Looking at the thread on bikeforum I think I've got the general idea.:ohmy:


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How about a kilometre version for those of us who are too unfit or decrepit to manage a 100 miles.


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Count me in,should be a great challenge.I'm already looking foreward to getting started.
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