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I couldn't watch the old Top Gear, watching Clarkson was worse than watching Strictly Come Dancing and that's abysmal.
This new series is just banal, does anybody watch it ? it might go down well on children's TV.



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I fell asleep after 5 minutes.


It’s childish and school boy humour but the three lads seem to be good mates genuinely having a good time and a laugh as opposed to always one up the other.

Got to say I’d love to do a hill climb of an empty car park!


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Shouldn't Top Gear be a programme about the latest production cars - it was once before Clarkson appeared with his bouffant perm.


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There are some very good car progs on YouTube most better the Topgear which shows you don’t need a mega budget and ‘personalities’ to make an interesting and entertaining program. I particularly like Hoovies Garage, Car Wizard, Vtuned and Mighty Car Mods.
There also is a bit of a craze for rescuing motors that haven’t run for thirty or so years and getting them running again which can quite interesting.
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I've only watched the current series as there isn't much on - but I watch it on iplayer to fast forward the crap - which some might say will make the episode 2 minutes long. :laugh:

It's OK, and they just seem to be doing the 'stupid'.


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I still watch it but the content hasn't been up to much and no doubt Covid is partly responsible for that. Fed up with them just crashing into eachother all the time though. Just seems childish and disrespectful to me. The best content is always the epic trips. They're about all that's worth watching these days. I prefer GCN which I think is really well made.
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