The minor injuries thread....


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Chainring tripped over my own bike injury. Artwork courtesy of my son. We are both very, very bored!
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I think your foot needs to see an opthalmologist.


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Cover your other eye to help you get some sleep tonight.
Yes I was reminded of that at the last FA course I did - for eye injuries you cover both eyes - to stop the injured one following the movement of the good one.

(Then probs best not to drive yourself to A&E as this could cause further injury)

I barked my knuckle shovelling compost yesterday , and neglected to cover the wound (stoopid) it got a bit full of compost, now it's quite sore.

I must be due a day off, for dumb behaviour.


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I hate roses....
Me too. First thing I ever do if I find them in any of my gardens is ....remove them, permanently
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