The most unusual and individual cycle shirts???


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Apart from our very own CC shirt, which will be here soon, what other cool and unique shirts are there out there?

I am looking for something different, eye catching (but NOT a team kit)...and prefferably something that makes a statment and/or is a conversation starter, doesnt make me look like a pratt and is going to keep me visable on the road.

oh yes and it needs to be cheap:biggrin:


Was gonna suggest Foska 'til the last bit!


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Good range of cool and unique jerseys here.
Road Jerseys from page 2 onward with the Primal Wear starting from halfway down page 3. Some nice stuff and some bad stuff unfortunately no Chelski design. This is rather nice if you like a wee dram of the Islay Magic.
Quality and individualism don't come cheap though.


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there used to be a company along the lines of Primal wear, that did things like pictures of Battersea Power station on the Jersey, I can't remember the name but I saw them at the cycle show a couple of years ago


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Prendas always have a good range of retro style cycling jerseys, most of which are quite cheap. They're team kits, but have far more cache, by virtue of being retro chic.


there's a company on ebay that sell vintage shirts, they're generally very lurid but there's some nice plain very retro ones that are rather smart, some of them are sub £10

street warriors or something like that they call themselves


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ooh I like those rock shirtz...e the specially Zepplin ones and the AC/DC yellow one....not cheap though...but then again ...

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fossyant said:
I think the Crash Test Dummy ones are very suited to the commute, although do like the look of the Primal ones......

I love the Foska stuff - I've a Lion of Flanders shirt (won their monthly mailing list draw) a Marmite one, and the "Bones" training jacket. All top quality stuff with a really nice fit - if they'd had the Crash Dummy jacket in when I bought my "Bones" I'd have had one of them too...

Incidentally, BTFB, some of these would get you noticed if you're wearing a helmet on your journey...
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