The Mrs's bike and the Magpie

Your wife has a very cool bike Mike

I Like



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threebikesmcginty said:
Nice pics - it is a fun looking bike.

No2 could go in the catalogue for that bike (whatever it is!)
No4 is a very nice use of circles and No5 is one for the Brooks ads!

Thanks - her bike is a (brace for it) Apollo Blossom from Halfords. Suprisingly the quality is decent for the sub £100 we paid. Brakes are enough to stop my weight easily too (I had a ride of it where no one could see me:blush:). Its got a 3 speed hub so I dont really have to maintain it much for her either - but the gearing for hills isnt great and the frame is a tad heavy.

The circles are part of a contraversial (sp?) "art" work thats just went up costing a few million. I was sceptical about it at first but this was the first time I saw it without the construction fencing around it and I was impressed. Im thinking of doing some aerial shots from a kite / balloon / rc heli to get some scale to it.

Photos were taken on a camera phone, Sony Experia. The macro on it and the quality of the photos really suprised me when I looked at them on the PC.


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No4 is a corker, nice one

I had an experia (X1) and didn't rate the camera too much when the conditions were a bit dark, but your pic's came out great, especially 4 and 5.

The aerial shots should be interesting, do you have any experience of this? Saw something on telly about it a while back, and recently I think someone even got curvature of the earth shots, quite amazing really.


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Bromptonaut said:
Spent a while looking for the magenpie; presumably a name for the Scott?
Lol, no, the Scott is a Sportster P55 - I just named it Magpie once and its stuck (black & white). Only problem is Im thinking of buying another black and white bike :biggrin:
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